How Long Do MREs Last?

How Long Do MREs Last?
May 23, 2021 Mamun


How long do MREs last? Most military personnel who rely on emergency food and equipment prefer an answer to that question before they buy. Although the MRE manufacturer does guarantee a ten-day supply, a long delay may not be acceptable for those whose lives depend on an MRE for survival. Fortunately, there are steps anyone can take to ensure that their MREs last as long as possible.

Proper storage is one of the most important factors in determining how long do MREs last. Although MREs do stand up well to extreme weather conditions, they are not invulnerable. The standard packages are easy to open, plus a little spilling can render one otherwise inedible.

The contents inside each package will tell the age of the MRE when it goes out of date, so keep track of expiration dates on the outside of the package. If there are five years or more between manufacturing dates, the MRE might begin to show signs of wear. A bright red ribbon will appear on the package to let people know that the MRE is about to expire. An electronic recall has been issued for MREs containing enriched grain. Keep the granules from contamination by wiping away any grain dust or flour that might be present.

The actual expiration date is an important question, too. How long do MREs last if they are stored at room temperature in dark, drafty environments? If the MRE is stored in a warm environment where light and heat are used to maintain it, MREs could last up to six months. If the package is not stored at the correct temperature (around 75 degrees Fahrenheit), the MRE could fail before its expiration date.

How long do MREs last when in the extreme temperatures? Extreme temperatures pose a challenge to anyone storing food products in them. Food products that must be kept at these high temperatures include meat, fish, poultry, and some fruits. If you want to maximize the shelf-life of your MRE, be sure to pack them in an area that does not exceed its maximum storage temperature.

Will eating mres be safe during an emergency? If you live on or near a lake, water is naturally supposed to be clean and safe to drink. However, we’ve all seen the pictures of people who have survived in the wilderness despite sustaining severe burns due to unexpected flooding. If you plan on eating your MRE and staying safe for five years or more, be sure to purchase one with an advanced expiration date.

How long do MREs last if they are not properly stored? Properly manufactured MREs can provide many years of service if they are stored correctly. To optimize the shelf life of your MRE, be sure to keep them in an area of your home that does not become damp and protected from the sun. Sunlight will shorten the shelf life of anything, but it’s particularly dangerous for MREs.

How long do MREs last if their manufacturing date is not on the box? Anytime an MRE goes out of date, the best way to extend its life is to replace it with a new one. To find the manufacturer’s replacement date, look for the U.S. military MRE code stamped directly on the MRE. The military MREs carry the exact date of manufacture, so they will be able to provide you with the best value and extend your MRE’s useful lifespan.

How long do MREs last if their expiration dates are not on the box? It’s extremely rare for an MRE to have an expiration date stamped directly on the box. The majority of MREs will have either “12 hours or 48 hours” next to the expiration dates. This means that the MRE is effective for the period between when it was packed and when it was returned to the purchaser.

How long do MREs last if their shelf life has already expired? If you purchased your MRE from a sporting goods retailer, it may be possible to exchange it for a new or used one from the store. If you purchased your MRE from the U.S. military, you should contact the camp or base where you bought your MRE and request a replacement. All MREs are shipped in boxes that allow for quick and easy retrieval, so replacing an MRE with a used one will be quick and easy.

How long do MREs last if they were freeze-dried? While it is possible to have MRE freeze-dried, it is extremely difficult and dangerous to do so without proper equipment. Freeze-dried MREs are designed to be as stable as possible so that they will resist sudden shifts in temperature. Because they were never intended to be used in an emergency situation, manufacturers designed their products to be long-lasting even when left on the shelf, but there are always circumstances in which a person might want to improvise and test a freeze-dried MRE.


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