How Much is My Fortnite Account Worth

How Much is My Fortnite Account Worth
May 22, 2021 Mamun


How Much is My Fortnite Account Worth? Fortnite Cheats Revealed For Your Own Good

If you’re looking at how much is my fortnite account worth, there are a few things to look at. One of these things being how much is my fortnite account worth by actually earning it instead of using an existing free account that is given away for free to new players. The value you get from your fort will be determined by how much time you put into it and how much skill you’ve earned. Here’s a quick summing up of how much is my fortnite account worth:

If I was buying an account just so I could try it out, I’d probably put in about six months of real time playing to estimate how much my fort would be worth then. That’s because if you’re going to go and buy an account first you already have it half built. That time frame is how much you earn in Fortnite each day. After a while it’ll be pretty obvious, but it can take a while for players to know how much is my fortnite account worth and what kind of value they add.

If I were to go and sell my current account then I would have to estimate how much of my time it would take to make that account to pay for itself. Now this is something that players aren’t really used to, so I wouldn’t exactly expect anyone to do it for me. As I said, it depends on how much time you’ve put into it. A rough guesstimate of how much is my fortnite account worth might be something around thirty hours of playing Fortnite each day and selling for the account for a little over a hundred dollars.

To get there from here I estimate that I would have to put roughly seven hundred and fifty hours into my Fortnite account to break even. That still leaves another thirty or forty hours of playing Fortnite casually to break even. My guess would be somewhere near seventy-five to eighty hours to reach the estimated value of my fort.

A question then arises. Why would I want to spend that kind of time to get more v-bucks when I’m making quick money? There are several reasons why someone would want to increase the worth of their account. You can level up fast, get more gifts from the battle pass, get extra weapons and items, and more. Here’s how you can maximize your earnings.

The first method to maximize your Fortnite account is to play the game more. The more you play the more points you receive from winning matches. These points are then divided between all of your players. The more players you have played on your account the more chance you have of winning some free gifts from the battle pass. Some of these gifts can be used for new skins for your character.

The second method to increasing the worth of your account is to buy gift crates with v-bucks inside of them. There are multiple ways to do this but the most popular is through the use of third party sites that will allow you to enter a draw for a specified number of v-bucks. When you win the draw you will then be sent an additional twenty-five hundred dollars. I recommend that you try and win the biggest possible number of gift crates because this is usually how people get the best results when trying to get the most out of their accounts. Most of the top player auctions out there will also give out additional Battle Pass Tiers as well as other gifts that are worth more than fifty dollars each.

One last way that you can increase the value of your Fortnite account is to purchase rare skins for it. Rare skins are given out by the Battlefields whenever they are implemented into the game and the rarity of the skin really doesn’t matter. Skins like the Eagle’s Foot or the Hard Head are extremely valuable to players as they can be used on any class of player. Some of the rare skins are even worth hundreds of dollars each, so it is entirely up to you to go in for as many of them as possible. Just remember to always ask yourself how much is my fortnite account worth? If you haven’t checked this out lately you need to!


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