How to Make Money in Farmville Easily

How to Make Money in Farmville Easily
May 27, 2021 Mamun

Making Money in Stardew Valley – Tips on How to Make Money in Farmville Easily at Any Level

This is how to make money in Stargardew Valley. After months of hard work and a lot of risk, you finally found your perfect home in the game. But before you celebrate too much, make sure that you fully understand the risks that you are taking. And if you happen to run into problems along the way, know that there are people who are willing to lend a helping hand. Just read on and you’ll soon find out how to make money in Stargardew Valley.


Making money in Stargardew Valley (or any other farming game) doesn’t only require hours of work and tears but it also involves the use of some sophisticated tools. First on the list of recommended tools is the Hops. How does it work? Well, looks like the guy with the handle that comes out when you use Hops is right! With this handy guide, is going to be explaining the different ways to make money in Stargardew Valley – beginning with farming, moving on to selling, artisan products, flowers, and fishing.

Farming is one of the fastest and most efficient ways on how to make money in Stargardew Valley. Since crops are always available and always in good supply, farming is the safest way on how to make money in terms of return on investment. It also allows you to earn more profit compared to other professions. For example, if you tend to plant and harvest all crops at the same time, harvesting them is pointless because you will only be earning less profit than planting crops. However, if you tend to do some of the farming and then do some of the selling or manufacturing, you will earn more compared to doing both.

Harvesting crops can be a bit of a hassle, though. You have to first wait for the crops to grow, which can take a while depending on the season. However, once they do grow, you still have to do the hard part – gather up all the crops that you need. Some crops are easier to gather than others, so you might want to focus on gathering these kinds of crops early on in the game. If you are still level five or level ten, you might find it very convenient to farm these crops early on so that you do not have to wait for long to be able to pick up the raw materials that you need.

Now, since farming is such an efficient way to make money, you might as well start making some extra cash. First, head to the Auction Hall in town and place your auctions. You will notice that each item in the auction block has a pre-set price. If you place your auction for a fixed price, this will attract more buyers who would be interested in that item. There are actually many things that you can sell at the Auction Hall, but you should really stick with the basics since most players would not be willing to purchase items from you just to make money.

After setting up your auction, you might also want to consider selling your crops. If you are constantly having trouble gathering crops, then consider raising your level and working on making money through Farmville. Aside from being able to make money through crops, you also get more experience during the Farmville challenges and therefore, leveling faster and earning more money through challenges.

When you are done raising your crops and selling them, you might want to try to raise something else. You can sell the excess at the Auction Hall to earn extra dollars. Aside from selling crops, you can also sell preserved fruits at the Auction Hall. You can get ancient fruit that can be used for preserves jars or dried for cooking.

Aside from the crops you can raise at level 10 and up, you can even choose to sell fish. Fish is a good commodity to sell because it is renewable. Plus, it is used for food especially when you have a lot of people staying over at your farm. And because fish can grow pretty fast, you can always have a constant supply of your favorite fish at all times.


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