How to Measure Shoe Size

How to Measure Shoe Size
May 18, 2021 Mamun

how to measure shoe size

How to Measure Shoe Size – Getting Your Proper Shoe Size

Do you need some tips on how to measure shoe size? It’s not as difficult as you think. By following some simple steps, you too can measure your shoe size easily at home. If you don’t get an accurate reading, it will be dangerous to wear it in public and you could get injured by your own shoe.

Getting the perfect fit can be very frustrating, especially when you’re trying out shoes that won’t ever fit right. You might even get angry and throw away a pair of shoes because they didn’t fit correctly. How can you be sure your feet are really their correct size before buying? Before you go shopping for your shoes, there are some things you have to know to make sure the size you’re getting is the right one. Some common misconceptions about shoe sizes are:

o Shoe thickness. In measuring your foot outline, the first thing you have to take note of is the thickness of your foot. You can easily get this measurement from an electronic gadget called an Inferior Thickness Diagram. You can find these in any store selling shoe sizes and can use them for a simple outline. Just be sure to get the thickness measurement done at the bottom of your heel, where the seam is.

o Your width. For the next measurement, place a straight line down between your longest toe and your knee. This will serve as a guideline for the rest of your body. Stand with your feet hip distance apart from each other. Take the ruler that your shoe comes with and hold it up straight against the middle of your spine, where the two curved bones come together.

o The length of the measurement. You can easily measure the length of your leg using a leg joint tape. Hold one end of the leg joint tape measure at the side of your foot. Hold the other end in your hand, and bend your knees as far as they’ll go to get the measurement. This is the measurement you need for your shoes.

o The size chart. To get a more accurate reading, make use of a shoe size chart instead of a shoe size outline. A standard two-inch size chart gives you a decent estimate. Make sure that every pair of shoes has the same size inside, since that’s how manufacturers get their sizes. It would be bad if one pair of running shoes has a small inside and the next one has a large one.

o The tape measure. To get an easier idea on how to measure, hold the tape measure at the widest part of your foot. Position it on the back of your foot, and make sure it’s straight. Tape the tape measure to the nearest part of the sole. Hold the other end of the tape measure at the front of your foot. This is the length you need to write on the foot outline.

o Foot width. The foot width makes it easier to get the shoe size you need. Stand with your feet spread apart at a comfortable width foot length. Hold the other end of the tape measure at the back of your foot to get the exact measurement of the width foot length.

o Foot depth. The measurement of the inside of the foot, called the “ankle,” is also very important. The measurement of the inside of your foot will give you an idea how high or low your shoe size should be. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and mark the outline of your foot.

o Foot thickness. Your feet have certain natural thicknesses. You can easily find out your foot thickness by standing in front of a bathroom mirror with your feet on the edge of the mirror. The measurement of the “thickness” of your feet will be the thickness of the skin between your toes and your heel. Make sure you mark the end of your toes with the measuring tape as well.

Once you’ve got the above details, you are ready to learn how to measure shoe size. In most cases, shoe manufacturers and retailers suggest that you get your shoe size by having your feet measured with the tape. However, it is often easiest to know your exact shoe size when you are standing in front of a mirror. If you are uncomfortable with having your feet measured and have trouble standing with your feet on the floor for prolonged periods, a professional boot fitter may be able to help you. Even if you don’t need to have your feet measured, it’s always a good idea to be comfortable with your shoe size, just in case.


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