How To Un blur A Picture

How To Un blur A Picture
May 29, 2021 Mamun

What are the best photo editing software programs that you can download online for free? It’s obvious that when going on vacation or just on an out-of-town trip with family and friends capturing that perfect moment is always a must do thing to remember. There are hundreds of websites that offer different ways on how to edit and manage your pictures, but most of them are just a waste of time and effort. When it comes to taking pictures there is no other better tool that offers you so much versatility and functionality than Adobe Photoshop. But just like any software application, there are also some aspects that you need to know and consider before purchasing one. Here are some useful suggestions on how to blur a picture.


Photo Blur: This feature is available in almost all popular and leading picture editing software. It offers quality digital reshaping options for photos that are blurry and of low resolution. The best feature about this feature is that it is available on almost all popular and leading brands of digital camera. So whether you are looking for android, iPhone or other brand, you can be sure to find the appropriate app for your needs.

Focus Assist: A very helpful feature of most picture editor apps is the focus area. With this app you can easily sharpen images that are out of focus. If you are taking a photo of someone and the person in the background is getting blurred from a nearby street light, then you can easily fix this by hitting the focus area. Also, this feature allows you to change the focus area while still in the photo editing process.

Brush Strokes: Some digital image editing apps provide the ‘brush stroke’ option to adjust image sharpening. This option will automatically adjust image sharpening based on your current image size and output the result as a sharpened image. The easiest way to use this function is to simply tap on the image and then choose the ‘brush stroke’ option.

Adjust Picture Size: Almost every popular photo editing app provides the ability to adjust image size using their tools. So if you are taking an image and it is too small or too large in size, then you can easily adjust it by clicking on the ‘size’ icon right next to the image. There are also some apps that allow you to make a new size instead of tapping the size option. So, if you are taking an image that is quite huge, but you want to shrink it, all you have to do is click on the ‘shrink’ icon and then move the scale option to the desired size. This way, you can easily blur a picture.

Blur Highlights: Similar to cropping, but this time it creates a blurry outline of the image to make the details recognizable. You can perform this by tapping on the ‘blur highlight’ icon on the tool menu. Some of these apps also offer the ability to select a specific part of the image to get the blurred highlight effect. The downside with this is that the parts of the image that don’t get the blur effect will be quite obvious. The ‘blur’ effect tends to be rather subtle and may not be noticeable to people when viewing the picture. For some photos, this may well be acceptable, but for others, it may be best to stick to the more visible areas.

Adjust Picture Size: Many people like to perform the same operation as cropping but they prefer to do it in a smarter way. They can now perform an ‘appear-less’ adjustment with the help of an adjuster slider in the picture adjustment panel. This slider controls the level of blur, which appears around the object. You can choose between zero blur, some blur and near-zero blur. Once you have chosen what level of blur you want, you can then use the slider to create the exact size and look you want for the area of the image where you are editing.

Improve Photo Quality: While cropping and enhancing the image with the help of an adjuster slider, you could always use Photoshop’s built-in sharpen tool. This tool works in much the same way as the sharpen tool found in Adobe Photoshop CS5. By clicking the button called ‘advanced tools’ you can increase the sharpening precision of the image. This feature lets you remove all the fuzz in the image and bring life back to dull and gray edged photos. It’s a quick and easy way to improve your pictures so you can show them off to your friends.


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