How To Unlock iPhone With A Computer

How To Unlock iPhone With A Computer
May 29, 2021 Mamun


One of the coolest iPhone applications I’ve seen recently is how to unlock iPhone. If you’re like me and use your iPhone on a regular basis then you’ve probably either locked it with a passcode or reset it a few times already. Either way you’re not too happy with the situation as it is preventing you from doing anything that you would normally do. In fact I think having to unlock my iPhone can be a real pain in the butt (more so if you need to use your iPhone somewhere else). So instead of hoping I can just pull out the pin by force, I decided to find out how to unlock iPhone with a program that was available for a small fee.

But before we move on let’s quickly take a look at how to unlock iPhone with a computer first. There are two ways you can do this, physically and chemically. I personally prefer physically because it’s easier (also quicker) and also less likely to get me into trouble. Let’s take a look at both of these methods to see how they work.

You can use your iPhone to unlock passcode by inserting the correct six digits into the cell phone’s slot. This is easy enough and you should never have any problems doing this. To do this you should first turn off the iPhone and then hold down the Home button while pressing the Sleep/Wake button. This should allow the computer to shut down without accidentally shutting the phone down on you. It’s important that you do this for both the right and left earpiece and the accelerometer.

Once you have done all that you can try to unlock your device without computer by holding the Home button + Home + Sleep/Wake + Turn Off buttons together for five times. This should allow the phone to enter into what is known as boot mode. This is where your phone will be partially unlocked and able to communicate with your computer. From here you should be able to browse through your contacts or view whatever messages you want to read. Once in this mode it should not take long for the unlock to work.

The fourth and final step in learning how to unlock iPhone with a computer is to find an online service that offers this functionality. These services are surprisingly effective and I haven’t noticed any major issues with them so far. The most common method is to enter a code using your keyboard. I would highly recommend looking into services like Codes Are Good that offer this as a free method.

The final step in learning how to unlock iPhone with a computer is to simply use the reset function on your phone. This will bring your phone back to factory settings and therefore unlock your passcode. To do this you will need to turn your phone off. After this you should hold down the home key then press the power key until you feel a solid rock smash into the ground next to you. It is likely that you will hear a chirp from your phone, this is due to the motherboard being reset. After this is done, hold down the home key then again press the power key to put your phone back to factory settings.

If you’re wondering how to unlock iPhone with a computer in a more “human” way then I have a tutorial for you. This method requires that you use a program called “BT Seed”. This is a program that can be downloaded from the Apple website. This will basically make use of your IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) to unlock your device. To do this you will need to follow the on screen instructions, which should allow you to enter your five-digit IMEI then follow the remaining on screen instructions.

If you have previously reset your IMEI, it will be necessary that you enter the same code again. You will notice that this time however it is different as you will be asked to insert your SIM card. Follow the same on screen instructions then when prompted to restart your iPhone. After this you should see that your iPhone has now successfully been reset. As mentioned earlier resetting your passcode can be tricky so if you follow these steps you should not run into any problems.


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